Interesting facts about Volvo PV544.

Volvo PV544Demonstration of Volvo PV444 was held in the autumn of 1944. The screening was attended by about 150 thousand people, but only 2,300 people were ready to immediately pay the required amount to buy -. 4800 crowns.
October 20, 1965 the last 440,000th Volvo PV544 was rolled off, which was issued for seven years.
Volvo PV544 was among the first mass-produced car, where since 1957 seat belts can be fitted as an option. Since 1959, they have become an integral part of any package.

Its popularity PV544 in the US market was in part due to boxer Ingemar Johansson, who in 1959 in the United States challenged the world title. Ingemar chose to move PV544 with tires with white sidewalls and chrome bumpers, and his coach all the time went after him on the same car, but dark colors. This pair fell in love with the press and has appeared in all the newspapers.
By results of the poll among Swedes over 45 years PV444 and PV544 are mostly symbolized the brand Volvo.

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