Toyota 2002 Tundra aftermarket headlights HID

What’s going on there buddy got another little project from a brothers entendre. I’m gonna be changing his smoked. A regular 2002 toyota tundra headlights. And I’m a bit stunned and there’s no one that I got on. From eBay with black house scene. No yellow reflector. So be doing that. The US. Pretty simple to remove the headlights on this trucks. I’m proud of the 14 Tundra. Well you gotta do is pop the hood. Remove this 2 taps. And Under the screws that are here. And then there’s another one somewhere down there. But it’s. Pretty simple stuff. So when I do that and then I’m gonna try to write HID to it. Bullets I’ve been having issues. For the home.

2002 toyota tundra headlightsIn this truck. They either don’t come on. Or they come on and then they turn off. So my really sure. What’s wrong or if I am defective parts but I’m gonna try to see if it works. So I’ll come back to you guys after upper one of them on. Guys ago both the headlights installed. With HID 2002 toyota tundra headlights. It’s pretty simple thoughts ideas on the struggle. While these. They’re working for me and that’s why they don’t. I just looked up the ballots for the stock fly. Low beam wire and and the double dates are the ball into the baddest. And they work. None of you guys can really tell the head of the day black housing.

No yellow reflector. And Let me turn on the 2002 toyota tundra headlights ideas. I mean you there 6000 feet if I want. But there and other bush right now though turned. More of a solid white color. I don’t think it changes those amber. By doing this to switch back LEDs. But I know that some other time.

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